Beet Eater 925 Evo

The new-generation Vervaet Beet Eater 925 Evo nine-row harvester is the flagship machine in the Vervaet range. Vervaet first introduced the revolutionary nine-row Beet Eater series harvester in 2001, and this exciting latest development combines the state-of-the-art features of the legendary Beet Eater 625 with a nine-row lifting unit for even more output and a true ‘one wheel per track’ capability for the least possible soil impact. The field is left level, even when working in the most arduous conditions.


The Combi 2 topper is capable of mulching beet tops between the rows for an extremely even spread and easy incorporation, but is still able to spread shredded material to the right hand side if required. Flail speeds of up to 1200rpm ensure tops are thoroughly pulverised. Scalper height and angle is adjustable from the cab. The topper conveniently folds for road transport, saving time and meaning that there’s no need to remove the harvesting unit and place it on an additional trailer.

Lifting gear

The lifter is configured in three sections of three-rows with each element able to move independently to follow ground contours and with some sideways movement to accommodate drill joins when required. Three front turbines collect the beet with a larger central turbine for increased cleaning and optimal beet flow. Hydraulic row-width adjustment can be controlled from the cab. The lifter quickly and conveniently folds into three sections for road transport, saving time and meaning that there’s no need to remove the harvesting unit and place it on an additional trailer.

The famous Vervaet lifting unit employs rotating walking shares which move independently, with each share making a circular motion in the ground so that one of each pair of shares is in the ground at any one time. Speed is adjustable from the cab, and at 700rpm each share makes 23 lifting movements per second. Each lifting element is self-seeking to ensure very gentle and precise lifting.

Lifting depth is extremely accurately controlled by hydraulically driven steel depth wheels fitted as standard. Rubber paddles running between the shares ensure that no beet roll forward when harvesting in dry conditions.  Hydraulic row-width adjustment is also standard equipment.


Cleaning begins as soon as the beet leave the ground, with the first three cleaning turbines removing 50% of the soil lifted so it doesn't get a chance to stick to the beet. The 925 has a phenomenal cleaning capacity, with a total of eight turbines, which allows for fast working speeds without compromising on cleaning quality. The system is also extremely gentle on the beet and has a wide range of adjustment to suit varying conditions. Turbine speed is steplessly adjusted from the cab and can be set to automatically vary proportionally according to the machine's forward speed. Various gates and turbine types are available.
Holding tank

The ring trace runs in-line for optimised weight distribution. Tank capacity is an extremely generous 25-tonnes keeping unloading cycles to a minimum.
Engine and transmission

The Beet Eater 925 Evo is powered by a 15.6-litre Mercedes-Benz Tier 4F engine which produces 623hp. This is mounted crossways at the rear, together with the hydraulic pumps, to give the best possible weight distribution and allow easy access for servicing. Running at just 12-1400rpm and combined with a load sensing hydraulic system it gives extremely frugal fuel consumption for cost-effective lifting.

Wheels and tyres

Another unique 925 feature - to minimise soil damage the harvester is fitted with four 800/70 R38 low-ground pressure tyres at the front and a completely unique extending axle allows the first pair to be set out wider, whilst two 900/60 R32 tyres on a narrow rear axle run between these front wheels so that the machine’s weight is spread evenly across the full working width. In this way the harvested land is only run on once – the ultimate in low-ground pressure lifting with soil compaction kept to an absolute minimum. The field surface is left level even when working in extreme conditions, easing following cultivations. When using automatic steering the four front wheels are controlled by share sensors, and the rear wheels controlled by sensors on the topper, so that the harvester is always perfectly inline with the rows.


The 925 is fitted with an extremely modern and ergonomic cab which provides exceptional visibility. A multifunctional 26.5cm touch screen computer displays important information and statistics including everything from engine speed through to harvested area and fuel consumption per hectare.
Brochure and further details
Vervaet Beet Eater 925 brochure

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