Slurry tanks and injectors for Hydro Trike & Hydro Trike XL


Back in 1990 the first Hydro Trike was originally built as a self-propelled slurry spreader, and although now a truly multipurpose machine it still excels at slurry application. Tanks are produced and fitted by Vervaet with two sizes available for the standard three-wheel Hydro Trike - 14,000 or 16,000 litres. For the five-wheel Hydro Trike XL a 19,000 litre tank is offered. All tanks are filled in less than three minutes.


The extremely high-output slurry handling system is produced in-house by Vervaet. A side-mounted suction arm allows extremely quick and clean filling. A stone trap in the intake system prevents damage to the hydraulically-driven high-capacity Börger slurry pump. Vervaet’s own macerator has a reputation for being virtually un-blockable and is positioned behind the pump for maximum output. When turning on the headland the macerator switches from injecting to flushing, to ensure it is kept clean. However, should a blockage occur both the macerator and pump are reversible.


Accuracy is particularly impressive with the application rate controlled automatically by Vervaet’s own Tri-Control colour touch screen computer. The desired rate is set in the system, and the computer varies the application proportionally according to the machine’s forward speed to apply the correct amount. GPS-steering systems can also be used for further levels of precision.

The Tri-Control screen also displays important machine and spreader data from engine rpm and hydraulic system pressure to slurry door position. It also supplies useful machine monitoring statistics such as fuel usage and work rate as well as customer or job specific data which is appreciated by contractors and farmers alike.


With input costs still increasing the value of organic manures and digestate is becoming more widely appreciated. Injecting minimises losses and maximises nutrient recovery by the crop. The Hydro Trike can be fitted with a variety of rear injector tools on the category 3 quick-couple rear linkage to suit the desired application, from disc injectors for working in grassland and growing crops to cultivator injectors for working in stubble.



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