Q-Series harvesters

The new Q-Series is the latest start of the art range of sugar beet harvesters from Vervaet. New from the ground up, the Q-616 is the replacement for the market leading Vervaet 17-tonne six-row tanker harvester concept whilst the Q-621 offers increased capacity and output. Extremely manoeuvrable and still economical to run, the new harvesters offer more options than ever before and combine simplicity and reliability with modern technology and comfort.


The Combi 2 topper is capable of mulching beet tops between the rows for an extremely even spread and easy incorporation, but is still able to spread shredded material to the right hand side if required. Flail speeds of up to 1200rpm ensure tops are thoroughly pulverised.

The compact and lighter weight Integral topper can also be specified and is a mulching only topper.

Scalper height and angle is adjustable from the cab.

Lifting gear

The Vervaet lifting unit is very well-known. Rotating walking shares move independently, with each share making a circular motion in the ground so that one of each pair of shares is in the ground at any one time. Speed is adjustable from the cab, and at 700rpm each share makes 23 lifting movements per second. Each lifting element is self-seeking to ensure very gentle and precise lifting.

Lifting depth is extremely accurately controlled by hydraulically driven steel depth wheels fitted as standard. Rubber paddles running between the shares ensure that no beet roll forward when harvesting in dry conditions. Hydraulic row-width adjustment is also standard equipment.

An Oppel wheel lifting unit can also be specified as an option and also features hydraulic row-width adjustment.



The Q-Series harvesters can be specified with four main different cleaning options to suit differing soil types and crops, including the option of a trace in place of two turbines, and a rollerbed in place of the last turbine. The most suitable setups for UK conditions use either five or six cleaning turbines. Turbine speed is steplessly adjusted from the cab and can be set to automatically vary proportionally according to the machine's forward speed. Various gates and turbine types are available.

Holding tank

The new wider ring trace brings the beet to the holding tank and a full-length auger levels the load. The Q-616 has a 16-tonne capacity tank, whilst the Q-621 boasts a 21-tonne bunker and uses a pivoting ring trace and auger.

The discharge elevator is at the front of the tank, and is longer allowing higher trailers to be used. It can also work lower for minimal damage when starting a heap for a self-propelled cleaner loader.

Engine and transmission

The Q-616 is powered 465hp DAF Paccar engine whilst the Q-621 is fitted with a 510hp version. Both engines run at just 1100 to 1350rpm for extremely low fuel consumption for cost-effective lifting. They're mounted across the chassis and the covers lift up for convenient access.

As an option the harvesters can be specified with a 40kph transmission and four-wheel braking.

Running gear

The Q-Series harvesters use a new rear axle with the wheels mounted close together giving a true one wheel per track capability for the least possible soil impact as well as excellent maneuverability. However, they can also be specified in a wider track layout providing the ultimate in versatility.

The front wheels are also steered, and both axles pivot - with hydraulic rams providing self-leveling of the harvester when working on side hills which can be controlled automatically as an option.

Front tyre sizes of 710, 800 or 900mm wide can be fitted, whilst 800, 900, 1000 or 1050mm can be fitted to the rear axle for the absolute minimal soil compaction. Rubber track units can be specified in place of the front wheels if required.


The Q-Series harvesters are fitted with an extremely modern and ergonomic cab which provides exceptional visibility. A multifunctional 26.5cm touch screen computer displays important information and statistics including everything from engine speed through to harvested area and fuel consumption per hectare to yield measurement and mapping.

Brochure and further details

Vervaet Q-Series brochure

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For more information please contact Matt Carse on 07825 631377.