Hydro Trike chassis range

Although perhaps slightly less well-known in the UK where the Vervaet name is synonymous with the market-leading sugar beet harvester range, the Hydro Trike is a very well established and popular machine on the continent.
First introduced for 1991 as a self-propelled slurry injector, legislation making injection compulsory in the Netherlands came into force the following year and demand for the Hydro Trike soared – it become Dutch market leader from 1993. Extensive market research to find out exactly what contractors wanted out of a machine resulted in some unique design features key to its unrivalled success and there are currently over 600 Hydro Trikes out in fields across Europe.

Trike models

The basic chassis is available in two main models – the standard three-wheel Hydro Trike and the higher-capacity five-wheel Hydro Trike XL version with an additional axle. The five-wheel XL is available in standard form with three driven axles, or as the 5x5 version with all-wheel-drive.

Engine and transmission

DAF engines have been used since the original prototype and the current model is powered by a 12.9 litre unit which produces an impressive 530hp at just 1400pm. When full power isn’t required this is further reduced to 1250rpm, providing additional fuel savings. Drive is hydro-mechanical, infinitely variable within two ranges and provides an indispensible 40kph top speed. Two hydraulic pumps are used to drive a mechanical rear axle and the front wheel’s own dedicated hydraulic motor. Additional pumps provide auxiliary hydraulic power for the body.

Maintenance of the machine is straightforward with routine servicing particularly well thought out. In addition the Hydro Trike XL is fitted with an automatic lubrication system as standard.


Tyre equipment is very generous with a 1000mm wide front tyre and 1050mm rear tyres. Tyre pressures can be altered between field and road work on-the-move using the central tyre inflation system fitted as standard. On the XL model the additional axle, fitted with 750mm wide tyres, can be extended so that each wheel follows a different track whilst in work. This also gives more stability when working on slopes. The load on this axle is automatically varied according to weight of the payload, although this can also be set manually if required. A steering axle to minimise scuffing, it also features adjustable hydraulic suspension providing a smooth ride on the road and in field. On the 5x5 version this mid-axle is driven by a self-contained 130hp hydraulic system.

Ground pressure and maneuverability

The combination of these unique features means that the Hydro Trike XL maintains an even ground pressure over the full 4.50m width without any overlap making it very kind on soil structure. It also retains its exceptional maneuverability, being able to turn on the headland and swing straight back into the next pass.


The Hydro Trike models are fitted with an extremely modern and ergonomic Claas cab which provides exceptional comfort and visibility. All controls easily fall to hand.


Vervaet’s own Tri-Control colour touch screen computer takes care of the machines main functions. Accuracy when using the Trike to apply products is particularly impressive, with the application rate controlled automatically by computer.  GPS-steering systems can also be used for further levels of precision. The Tri-Control screen also displays important machine and spreader data from engine rpm and hydraulic system pressure to implement settings. It also supplies useful machine monitoring statistics such as fuel usage and work rate as well as customer or job specific data which is appreciated by contractors and farmers alike.

A truly multipurpose machine, the Hydro Trike XL can be fitted with a 20-tonne manure spreader, 19,000 litre slurry tank and injector, 25-tonne beet chaser body, 17 cubic metre lime spreader and a variety of other bespoke equipment. For more information please see the following pages:

Manure spreader
Lime spreader
Slurry injector
Beet chaser
Other bodies

Brochure and further details

Vervaet Hydro Trike brochure

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For more information please contact Matt Carse on 07825 631377.